Matters needing attention in selection of the servo system

Current Servo System Using Is Very Extensive, So The Selection Is Relatively Complex. Briefly Introduce Below The Servo System Selection Matters Need Attention: The Servo System Selection Matters Need Attention

1, You Need To First Select The Appropriate Servo Motor, Servo Motor Selection Of Suitable Need Through Their Own Equipment Requirements: Accuracy, Speed, Torque, Inertia Power Requirements, Requirements For Frame Size Requirements, Choose The Servo Motor Requirements.

2, According To The Servo Drive Servo Motor To Select Good To Match The Corresponding, To Complete A Set Of Servo System Selection.

3, Load Inertia Ratio Motor Inertia And Many Of The Words, It Is Difficult To Change The Speed And Location. In Some Deceleration, The Load Will In Turn Drive Motor, Cause Overshoot Phenomenon, Resulting In The Stable Growth. In Order To Avoid Inertia Mismatch, They Give A Number Of "Adaptation": Fast Positioning Positioning 2:1, Modified 5:1, High Speed 10:1 Transform

On The Servo Motor Selection, Need To Get More Accurate Data, And In Order To Get A Relatively Accurate Data, The Need For Related Calculation. This Need By Professional Designers Or Find A Professional Consulting Company Can Also Be Calculated By Our Technical Staff To Assist.