The structure and characteristics of the DC motor

Because The Volume And Brush Commutator Limits, The Speed Of Dc Motor In The 3000-12000 Rpm Range, Speed Increased, The Service Life Of The Motor Will Be Significantly Reduced.

Precision Low Noise Motor, With Internal Pressure Sensitive Resistance, In Order To Reduce The Electromagnetic Interference To The Environment.

Motor Working Life Depends Mainly On The Brush And The Commutator Of The Mechanical Wear And Corrosion, In The Rated Load Torque And Speed Conditions, It Can Continuously Work For 300 To 500 Hours.

Structure And Characteristics Of Gear Box

Load Torque Dc Gear Motor Is Directly Related To Speed, Current, Speed Along With The Load Increases Linearly Decrease, Increase Current Is Linear. The Specifications, Should Try To Work In The Vicinity Of The Point Of Maximum Efficiency, In Order To Obtain The Ideal Performance, Service Life And Stability Characteristics.

Usually, The Same Dc Gear Motor Use Environment And Micro Dc Motor, Such As The Special Needs, Such As Environmental Temperature, Loading, Current Limiting, Must Explain In Advance.

Gear Box's Working Life Is Generally More Than Dc Motor's Working Life, Usually Can Reach 1000 To 3000 Hours.

The Total Reduction Ratio Gear Box In The 1:10 To 1:500 Range. Through The Special Design, Can Reach 1:1000 Or More, But The Reduction Gear Box Is Not Allowed "Upside Down", That Is Not At The Gearbox Output Shaft As The Shaft, Reverse Force.

Because The Gear Strength Limit, When The Total Transmission Gear Motor Is Large, May Not Be Able To Withstand Torque, The Torque Load Cannot Exceed The Maximum Permissible Load Torque. Gear Box Is Composed Of Multi-stage Gear Pair. Each Level Consists Of Flake Pinion Gear And A Pair Of Meshing Gear Pair. The First Small Gear Is Arranged On The Output Shaft Of The Motor. The Output Shaft Of The Gear Box Bearing Is Used, Usually Bearing Made Of Sintered Copper Or Iron Material.