Need to pay attention to the replacement of electric fittings

1, The Purchase Of New Members Must Pay Attention To Quality Of Parts, Identification And Defective Parts; Check If Any Rust, Crack, Deformation And Other Defects, Surface Size Meets The Requirements.

2, The New Parts Surface Antirust Paint Should Be Cleaned Before Assembly, Especially In Precision Parts Should Be Paid More Attention To, So As To Avoid Accidents.

3, The Deformation Of The Product Is Not Universal, And Some Diesel Engine Factory Production Of The Same Type Of Products And Parts Of The Deformation, Not Universal.

4, Should Be Replaced In Pairs With A Certain. Such As The Replacement Of Gear, Which Can Not Only Replace The Wear Of A More Serious; Replace The Gear Box Double Sleeve Roller Chain, But Also To The Replacement Of The Main, Driven Chain Wheel Pairs; Replacement Of The Cylinder Liner, Piston, Piston Rings Should Be Replaced.

5, The Same Type Of Standard Parts And Pieces Of General. The Manufacturer Will Increase The Size Of The Production Of Spare Parts For Repair When The User Selection, Therefore, The Optional Accessories Must Be Identified By The Restriction Is The Standard Parts And Pieces. If The Standard Parts, Shaft Neck Crank Bearing Only Selection Criteria, Otherwise, Scraping Bearing Processing Large Quantity, Is Not Only A Waste Of Time, But Also Can Not Guarantee The Quality Of Repair, Will Greatly Reduce The Service Life.

6, Change New Parts Should Make The New And Old Pieces Of The Same Type. Some Hand To Replace The New Nozzle, Do Not Pay Attention To The Original Nozzle Specifications, Often The Wrong Purchase The Needle Valve, Light Is Difficult To Start, While Blocking Nozzle.

7, The Installation Must Pay Attention To The Direction Of. Some Parts Have A Direction, Such As Attention, After Installation Can Cause Difficulty In Starting, And Even Damaged Parts.