Motor function

Motor Has What Effect? It Can Improve The Output Torque At The Same Speed, Torque Output Ratio By Motor Outputby Slowdown, But Be Careful Not To Exceed The Rated Torque Reducer. Another Effect Of Decreasing Speed Is Also Reduced The Load Inertia, Inertia Of Deceleration Than Reduced To The Square. General Motors Has An Inertia Value.

Gearbox Is Slow, It Is Saying The Gearbox, We Often Say; You Can Also Change The Change The Transmission Direction, For Example, We Use Two Sector Gears Can Be Vertical Transfer To Another Axis Of Rotation.

Change The Rotational Torque, The Same Power Condition, The Faster The Speed Of The Gear Shaft By The Torque Is Small, And Vice Versa. Clutch: We Can Separate The Two Original Meshing Gears, The Engine And The Load Separately, Such As Brake Clutch. The Distribution Of Power: For Example, We Can Use An Engine, The Gear Box Shaft Drives A Plurality Of The Shaft, So As To Achieve An Engine To Drive A Plurality Of Load Function.