The development process of the motor reducer

Motor Deceleration Motor As A Kind Of Common, Have Greater Room For Development In Mechanical Performance And Market Value. In Recent Years, Gear Motor To Increase The Application Of Science And Technology And Its Performance Has Been Further Improved. Reducer Industry In China "Fifteen", "Eleven Five Year" Has Achieved Leapfrog Development. This Is Because The State Of The Machinery And Equipment Manufacturing Industry Increasingly High Degree Of Attention, Increase The Independent Research And Development Of Speed Reducer Enterprise Support; On The Other Hand, Because Of The Proactive Fiscal Policy And A Prudent Monetary Policy To Make The Country's Infrastructure Construction Investment Increased, The Increasing Demand Of Reducer. In Recent Years, China's Gear Reducer Enterprise To Expand The Scale Of Production, Improve Production Capacity, Improve The Level Of Processing Technology, The Overall Competitiveness Of Enterprises In Our Country Have Improved Speed Reducer.

After The "Eleven Five" In The Past, As The "12th Five Year Plan" At The Beginning Of The Year 2011 Is An Eventful Year Drive Industry. The Recovery Of The Global Economy In The Financial Crisis Hit The Dawn After The Beginning Of The European Debt Crisis, And The Recovery Of The Road Is Full Of Doubt. Under The Unstable Situation In The World Economy The Pressure Of Rmb Appreciation, The Hot Money, And At The Beginning Of The Influx Of Chinese Market After The Withdrawal Of Large Area, Brings Some Obstacles For China Gear Industry's Exports. Reducer For Raw Materials -- Steel Market Volatility, Especially In The Fourth Quarter, Directly Into The Winter Period, The Affected Countries To Promote Environmental Protection Work, Steel Production And The Speed Reducer Production Costs Increase, Greatly Reduces The Profit Of The Enterprise. It Can Be Said, 2011 Is The Development Of The Industry And The Instability Of The Reducer Of A Year.

Second Years To Enter The "Twelfth Five Year Plan", This Is "The Key Of The Twelfth Five Year Plan" Of The Year, But Also The Key Of Reducer Industry Planning To Fully Implement The Year. Although The Development Of China's Motor Industry Has Made Some Achievements, But Compared To Foreign Products There Is Still A Gap, In The Face Of The Unstable Economic Environment Is Also A Lack Of Experience. Therefore, Continue To Increase Efforts To Support The Equipment Manufacturing Industry In The Country At The Same Time, Enterprises Should Seize The Opportunity To Improve The Speed, The Overall Management Of The Product Design, Manufacturing And Integration Capabilities, Independent Innovation And R & D Capability To Promote Major Equipment And Technology Upgrading, But Also To Grasp The Macroeconomic Situation, Draw On The Advantages And Avoid Disadvantages. It Is Worth Mentioning That, In The Country To Vigorously Carry Out The Promotion And Application Of New Energy In The Background, Should Be To Intensify The Development Of Reducer Used In The Field Of New Energy And Renewable Energy, The Standard, The Standard In The Design And Manufacture Of The Link, To Adapt To The Trend Of The Development Of Low Carbon Economy.