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Please Do Not Use, In Addition To The Gear Box And Motor Nameplate Or Product Catalog Specifications In Order To Avoid Electric Shock, Injury And Damage The Device. Please Do Not Put A Finger Or Object Into The Gears Or Motors Openings So As To Avoid The Electric Shock, Injury, Fire And Damage The Device Etc.. Please Do Not Use With Gearbox Or Motor, So As Not To Be Injured, Fire Etc.. Please Do Not Remove Plaque.

Moving, If There Is Off Or Dumping, Is Very Dangerous, Please Pay Attention. Installation Please Do Not Place The Fuel Around The Gear Box And Motor, So As To Avoid The Fire. Please Do Not Place Objects In The Surrounding Ventilation, Cooling Effect Of Motor, Motor, Or Even Because Of Abnormal Overheating Or Fire Burns. Please Don't Touch With Bare Hands, Gear Keyway End Of The Gear And The Shaft Of The Motor, So As To Avoid Injury. In The Food Machinery And Other Possible Device To Produce Smoke, Please In Installation Position With A Can Contain Other Oil Cup, In Case The Oil Spill Has A Bad Effect On The Product. The Main Mechanical Connection In The Rotating Parts, Please Set The Security Cover, Prevent Injuries. In The Mechanical Connection With Each Other Before, Please Confirm The Direction Of Rotation. If The Rotation Direction Is Not Correct, May Have Hurt Or Destroy Device.


To Measure The Insulation Resistance, Please Don't Contact Terminal, So As To Avoid The Risk Of Electric Shock.


Please Follow The Connection Wiring Diagram Or Manual Implementation And Power, So As To Avoid The Electric Shock Or Fire. (Non Terminal Box, Please Be Sure To Strengthen The Connection Part Of The Insulation Of Power Cable And Electric Wire), Please Don't Bend, Stretch, Clamping, In Order To Avoid The Risk Of Electric Shock. Earthing Terminals Must Be Firmly Grounded, So As To Avoid The Risk Of Electric Shock. Be Sure To Use The Nameplate Power In Accordance With The Requirements Of The Motor, So As Not To Burn, The Fire.


In The Operation, Do Not Close To Or In Contact With A Rotating Object (Shaft). Involved In Or Injured, Immediately Cut Off The Power Switch, The Timely Processing. When The Power Is Off, Please Be Sure To Cut Off The Power Switch, To Prevent Calls After Wounding Or Destruction Device. Please Note That, With The Motor Thermal Protection Device, When The Motor Temperature Anomalies Will Automatically Cut Off The Power Supply, When The Temperature Of The Motor Is Reduced To A Certain Value, The Motor Will Automatically Return To Work. (Note: The Machine Will Automatically Recover In No Case Of Burnt,)

Daily Inspection And Maintenance Of

At Ordinary Times, Keep The Motor In The Normal Work Of The Working Environment Of Operation. (Except For Special Type) Check, Please Do Not Contact The Rotating Object (Shaft). There May Be Caught Up, Hurt.

Accepts The Shipment Inspection

Please Confirm Whether The Order Is Consistent With The Spot. Choosing The Wrong Product, May Cause The Motor Is Damaged Or Destroyed Device Etc..