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Frequency converter series

Frequency converter
S18 series

Product introduction

High-performance flux, 32 - bit DSP control system, by motor control system vector current series S18 and decoupling control of the current torque, torque to the speed control for accurate control, but are widely used in high precision and rapid response, low-frequency output torque, torque response speed the needs of the occasion.

Technical Features

Three kinds of speed control: V/F control, no PG open-loop vector control SVC, PG closed-loop vector control FVC;
Low speed can achieve 180% torque output, control accuracy ±5% FVC;
The function of speed tracking and restarting is realized to track and start the motor slowly without impact.
Rich expansion card options: 485 communication card, IO expansion card and PG card and other occupation expansion card;
Rich fieldbus supports Modbus and CANopen.
16-speed, simple PLC, PID control and pendulum control;
PG closed-loop vector control speed accuracy of ±0.1, providing a 1:1000 speed control range;
Panel adopts encoder speed regulation, precise speed regulation;
Support differential encoder, open circuit collector encoder, rotary encoder, UVW encoder;

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Technical parameters
Installation dimensions

S18 Series Models

S18 Series product specification

S18 series operating panel and operating panel frame

22KW~90KW outline dimensional diagram

110KW~400KW outline dimensional diagram

S18 series Installation Dimensions

S18 Series technical specifications

S18 series Control loop wiring diagram

S18 series Detailed explanation

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