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Small AC gear reduction motor series

Micro ac gear motor series
0.1kw vertical/single-phase/three-phase

▲ 1.The table speed is based on the asynchronous speed of the motor(50Hz:1400r/min、60Hz:1680/min),the actual output speed under rated torque conditions,is about2-20% less than synchronous speed . 2.Light duty type is not available for standred application design,it is only suitable for special project design.As te-chnical data for these machines may be advantaged, please contact us or visit the company website. 3.The specifications of the product may be modified for improvement without notice.Not allow for publish without formal approved.

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Technical parameters
Installation dimensions

Overall Dimensions:

Overall Dimensions(Short Case Type):


▲ Note: There are 3 kinds of gear shafts, 2-250K is suitable for gear shafts, 300K is suitable for gear shafts,400-750K is suitable for gear shafts         Gearbox output shaft: ■Forward rotation ■Reverse rotation

Note:A1/M1/Z1 are the sizes of three-phase motors;

A3 is the size of three-phase motors with brakes
 A2/M2/Z2 are the sizes of single-phase motors

The diameter of the 11-cylinder motor is 127mm; the diameter of the stator is 110mm


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