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Small AC gear reduction motor series

Hollow Solid Right angle gear motors(eccentric)
90 model 140W 95mm

Product Features:

Small size, flexible installation
high efficiency ,high torque,steady and long life
with motor:AC/DC、standardized/special
Optional parts:speed controller、 fan、 brake etc.
Ratio:1:5 ~1:750, and 1:7500 max. with Middle reducer
Power:25W ~ 200W,they apply to transmission of auto-and semi-auto-equipments as food medicine advertising etc.

Conditions of Use:

General technical condition
insulation resistance:≥20M Q (normality)
insulation strength: 1 500V/1 min (no breakdownor flashover)
limit of tem rise: 75K
wire for motor: CQC、105°C、 600V
Basic work condition
work system: continuous(si)
way of cooling: IC 40
Basic environment condition
temperature: - -10 ~ +40°C
relative humidity: 15% ~ 90%

Attention items:

Installed in the gear out of the shaft couplings, pulleys and other transmission institutions, not directly
knock on the output shaft to install, otherwise it will cause internal damage reducer.
Connection with other machines, make sure a good rotation. Wrong direction, will be injured, damage the device.
Please do not open the terminal box cover of the operating motor.
Do not let brake attached to the water or oils, otherwise risk falling out of control due to brake failure caused the accident risk.

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