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Frequency converter series

Frequency converter
M series

Product introduction

M series inverter is an economical product designed by the company for the public. It adopts DSP control system, high efficiency V/F control mode and is located in OEM customers and special requirements.

Broadband input 47~63HZ for export to other countries
High-performance V/F control, low-frequency force
Full user password functionality to set runtime
With a speed potentiometer, the panel can be externalized for your convenience and operation
Hot-swappable panels save time and workload
Multiple frequency band settings for free combination
Built-in MOBUS communication for easy automatic control
It's capable of jumping. It's effective in avoiding mechanical resonance.
Multi-failure view, easy to grasp product usage status
Built-in braking unit saves you money.
16-speed control, switchable mode of operation
Built-in PID control, can realize feedback disconnection detection, dormant shutdown

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Technical parameters
Installation dimensions

M Series Models and Technical Specifications

M series Control loop wiring diagram

M series operating panel and operating panel frame

M operating panel and operating panel frame

M Series operating panel frame opening dimensions

M series Installation Dimensions

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