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Frequency converter series

Frequency converter
US-3/US-5 series

Product introduction

US-3/5 series inverters are small in size, easy to install, easy to debug, and easy to understand parameters, and can meet the requirements of ordinary occasions. To provide integrated solutions to customers in the industry, it is of great value to reduce system costs and improve system reliability.

Technical Features

Frequency range: 0.0-999.0Hz;
Control mode: vector control, V/F control;
Built-in PID operation control;
Built-in 8-stage speed control;
The V/F curve function can be set arbitrarily to meet the requirements of special occasions;
The user-friendly operation interface is concise and clear in the parameter setting method, which is convenient to operate;
Built-in simple PLC control;
With 485 communication, standard MODBUS-RTU format;

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Technical parameters
Installation dimensions

US-3/5 Series Models and Technical Specifications

US-3/5 Installation Dimensions

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