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Frequency converter series

Frequency converter
US-2 series

Product introduction

US-2 series inverters are convenient for speed regulation, the potentiometer knob feels good, the structure is optimized for forced air cooling, the electromagnetic compatibility is strong, the parameter functions are complete, the instrument type installation, the operation panel can be externally introduced, the low-frequency torque is large, and the optimized PWM , the protection function is complete, the response is fast.

Technical Features

Output frequency range 0-300Hz;
The operation panel has its own speed regulating potentiometer;
Built-in PID regulator, which can realize closed-loop regulation;
Multifunctional open collector output;
Support analog input 0-5V;
The V/F curve function can be set arbitrarily to meet the requirements of special occasions;
Use the shift key to view real-time parameters;
Using a new generation of PIM module, the protection function is complete;

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Technical parameters
Installation dimensions

US-2 Control loop wiring diagram

US-2 Series models and technical specifications

US-2 Installation Dimensions

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