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Frequency converter series

Frequency converter
US series

Product introduction

US series inverters are small in size, easy to install, easy to debug, and easy to understand with parameters. They can meet the requirements of ordinary occasions. They are specially tailored for three-phase AC motors below 220V/0.75KW. All-in-one solutions are of great value in reducing system costs and improving system reliability.

Technical Features

The output frequency range is 1.0-99.0HZ, which is suitable for general speed regulation occasions. With a speed regulation potentiometer, it can also be connected to an external speed regulation potentiometer. The built-in intelligent logic controller can be a realistic simple logic control. The air energy has the function of electronic thermal relay, and other traditional motors The protection device can be connected with an external light-emitting diode indicator, which is convenient for on-site use. The user-friendly operation interface is required, and the parameter setting method is concise and clear. It is convenient to operate and can set the V/F curve function arbitrarily. To meet the requirements of special occasions, use the shift key to view real-time parameters; Using a new generation of PIM module, the protection function is complete;

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Technical parameters
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US series models and technical specifications

USSeries Installation Dimensions

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